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Great decisions require a great forum of ideas.

As your next  Mayor, I will work to set the framework for taking care of city business.  Your elected representatives must have the best forum to tackle multifaceted policy issues.   Grand Terrace while incorporated 40 years ago still struggles with bad policy decisions from 1978.  We incorporated on a shaky foundation of revenues.  For decades we relied on Redevelopment Agency funds (RDA) to keep the city afloat.

Feeling flush with RDA revenues the city entered the child care business only to find itself subsiding child care operations with general fund money.  In the process we racked up over $300,000 in pension debt and over $300,000 in general fund costs.  The city unable or unwilling to recognize that RDA has been abolished, held on to RDA Bonds issued for $29 million and kept paying its debt and interest payments to the tune of over $1million per year since 2011.  During my last six years as an elected councilmember, I took the lead to:

·        To cut pension debt by eliminating non-core city programs. Child care was transferred to Family Services Association of Riverside.  We hope to announce another child care provider in the coming weeks.

·         To settle City Colton wastewater lawsuit and gaining $400K one- time general fund money and $300k per annum for wastewater fund.

·         To  establish Community Benefits Fund to fund extra patrols, sports leagues, and senior/youth services.

  •    I also fought to keep the remaining $20,000 in our FY 18/19 budget.  This money has already helped the GTHS Titan football team and helped provide a summer library reading program.

Many residents wish to increase Sheriff protection.  We had hoped a community led ballot measure would qualify for November ballot to consider a parcel tax. The fact now is that under a complicated hearing process, the County Fire Protection District is working to add a $157.00 parcel tax to all Grand Terrace properties.  Clearly rising pension costs are driving the agenda.

Some candidates will say they are against new taxes.  My opponent voted in 2011 to saddle the city with $29 million in Redevelopment Agency bonds which included buying a lot for a dog park.  I actively supported the development of a dog park with park fee revenues.  I don't believe the land should have been paid for with bonds with huge interest payments. 

I have no power to raise your taxes, only the voters can approve by ballot measure any new taxes.  RDA Agencies were abolished in 2012.  I am on the record in every local newspaper as being against RDA abuse of bonded indebtedness.

Please elect me as your next Mayor.  Enough with leaders who fail to tell the truth about taxes, franchise fees, bonded debt and its high interest rates.  Vote for a leader.


Sylvia Robles for Mayor 2018
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