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Partial List:

Councilman Bill Hussey

Dan Flores

Israel Fuentes, Candidate, Colton Unified School Board

Arthur Santoya Sr.

Suzanne Santoya 

Art Santoya 

Shawnee Santoya 

Steve Garcia 

Cecilia Ramirez

Derek Hussey

Richard and Lucia Negrete

Gilbert and Stephanie Rodriguez

Mario Lopez

Sal Lopez

Anthony and Paula Harold

Rodney and Laura Spencer

Mark and Stacy Severtson

Debra Hussey

Alexis Rodriguez

Walt and Monique Stanckiewitz

Earl Fraser

Robert Lavin

James and Kathy Pollard

Vidal Vargas

Laurie Ybarra

Jennifer Zamudio

Gilbert and Zorina Hernandez

Sabrina Ruiz

David Arrieta 

Thomas and Bille Crowe

Sylvia Robles for Mayor 2018
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